About Us

Why this site?

For some years, there has been a real craze for online dating. There are today in UK more than 2000 different sites, and all are not equal. Between the sites that promise to find love in 24 hours, those who guarantee us quality meetings, those who offer affinity tests to find the person who best suits us ... The choice is far too vast for you to test and find the meeting site that suits you.

It's to simplify your life and allow you to find the best dating site for you that we've created dating-sites-uk.com

How was the ranking done?

Our team has tested the various dating sites available on our site to see if it had a place in our ranking, and analyzed it to give you its impressions, strengths and weaknesses.

We worked daily to offer you the best choice in terms of dating site.

We've put together for you a relatively large and complete sample of the most serious, reliable, and gender-balanced dating sites so you can find the perfect match for your desires.

Browse the different rankings, and find the site that suits you!

Support & Business Intelligence

If you have questions, or suggestions of categories, you can write to us at [email protected]

The team of dating-sites-uk.com